Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

Chemical free & Filter free

Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

The germ-free and odour-free hospital is finally a reality.
Eco friendly Disinfection and Deodorisation
Disinfection and Deodorisation utilising unique patented photocatalytic technology.
Uninterrupted disinfection - no need to vacate the room during disinfection.
HEPA filters isolate germs - Viroblitz kills them.
Air fresheners mask odour - Viroblitz removes bad organic odours using reactive odour - control technology.

Difference between Viroblitz technology & air purifiers

Air Purifier Technology Viroblitz Technology
HEPA Filter - Can remove germs and dust larger than 0.3 microns (germs remain alive inside the filter). No HEPA filter - Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungus, and organic molecules even smaller than 0.3 microns.
Activated Carbon - Can remove odor but has limited capacity. No Activated Carbon - Removes odor by oxidizing organic molecules - unlimited capacity.
Negative Ion - Produces charged dust particles that settles faster. No negative Ion - No particle settling.
Ozone - Under certain conditions, it can react with organic matter including germs. No Ozone used
UVC - Excellent at killing germs that are very close to the lamp; highly carcinogenic in nature; may produce ozone, a toxic gas. No UVC used, no ozone produced; eco-friendly.

Why Us

"The germ-free and odour-free hospital is finally a realityā€¯

Maintenance free

Low power consumption

Space saving

Reduces power consumption of Air conditioning

No HEPA filters used

No Chemicals used

No Activated Carbon used

No noise pollution

No Fumes

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