Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

Chemical free & Filter free

Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

About Us

“The germ-free and odour-free hospital is finally a reality”

We Are

We are a group of highly skilled scientists with rich experience in fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Management, and Pharma. We share a passion for providing solutions that ensure the health of mankind, and together we formed Viroblitz Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We have partnered with PALCO Consultants, Germany, and our devices are assembled and manufactured at LSS, Cochin India.

We ensure that our products are manufactured in accordance with guidelines laid out by the Indian Medical Association, and our quality control officers run vigorous tests on our products before they are shipped.

Viroblitz is invented by Dr. Syriac Joseph Palackal and his team. His aspiration to create germ - free and odour - free hospitals inspired Dr. Palackal to invent the equipment. He is a scientist of international reputation, and he holds 63 US patents. A native of Vaikom, Kerala, India, Dr. Palackal spent most of his career in Germany, the US, Saudi Arabia, and China as a consultant in catalyst technology.