Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

Chemical free & Filter free

Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

Case Studies

“The germ-free and odour-free hospital is finally a reality”

Extensive tests were conducted in the labs, hospitals and hotels to demonstrate the efficiency of the Viroblitz Disinfector / Deodorizer.

The microbe concentration CFU (Colony Forming Units) was collected using American Public Health Authority (APHA) 2004 Edition 4, Chapter 3 protocol.

Single Pass Test With Septic Tank Gas

Test was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of the equipment in a test chamber. Septic tank gas was connected to the inlet.

CFU/15 min
Inlet air 300+
Outlet Air 0

As seen above highly contaminated septic tank gas was decontaminated when it passes through the equipment once.

Testing the equipment in a microbiology sampling room.

Viroblitz VBS-15 was tested in a 50 Sq.ft. room and VBS-30 was tested in a 250 Sq. ft. room.

50 Sq.ft. room CFU/15 min 250 Sq.ft. room CFU/15 min
Before installation 28 64
After 1 hour 21 50
After 2 hours 17 19
After 3 hours 11 10
After 4 hours 8 10
After 5 hours 4 6

As seen above within 2.5 hours the contamination level was brought down to operation theatre level. Although the routine operations like microbiological sampling were continuing in the lab, within 4 hours microbe count was negligible.

Clinical Testing in the Gastro ICU of NABH accredited 1500 bedded Hospital

CFU/60 min CFU/60 min Odour
Before installation 15 16 +++
After 3 hours 2 6 ++
After 4 hours 1 4 +

A reduction in CFU was achieved within 3 hours and the unpleasant odour present in Gastro ICU was also decreased substantially. The exhaust fans which was used previously were put off during the time of testing.