Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

Chemical free & Filter free

Replaces HEPA filters & Fumigation

How it Works

“The germ-free and odour-free hospital is finally a reality”

Viroblitz disinfects and deodorizes the air by the Photocatalysed Advanced Oxidation Process. All organic matter (including Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Moulds, odour causing molecules) in the air are removed by a specially designed photocatalyst that reacts with the C-H bonds and oxidises them in presence of oxygen present in the air.


Photo promotion of an electron, reduction of oxygen and oxidation of water

Step 1

Generate Valance B and Holes (VBH) in photocatalyst using light as energy source.

Step 2

Generate Hydroxy radicals (second highest oxidation power known in Chemistry) at the VBH.

Step 3

Oxidise organic compounds (including Microbes and VOC) in the air.

Time required for Disinfection

MB1 = Starting Microbe Count, MB2 = Final Microbe Count, Q = Flow rate, V = Volume of room, T = Time required for disinfection