Viroblitz Technology

Sterilization Test

Environment: Microbiology Sampling Room

Within 2.5 hours, the contamination level was brought down to an operation theater level. Within 4 hours, microbe count was negligible. After 6 hours, microbe count was zero.

Viroblitz Regular Air Filters
No HEPA filter
Viroblitz destroys viruses, bacteria, fungus, and organic molecules, including those smaller than 0.3 microns.
HEPA Filter
Does not kill viruses. Only removes microbes larger than 0.3 microns.
No Activated Carbon
Viroblitz removes odor by oxidizing organic molecules with unlimited capacity.
Activated Carbon
Activated carbon only removes odor with limited effectiveness.
No Negative Ions
No particle settling.
Negative Ions Present
Produces charged dust particles that settle faster.
No Ozone
No ozone is produced by viroblitz technology.
Many produce ozone particles and can react negatively with organic matter.
No UVC used. Clean, eco-friendly friendly air.
Kills germs using UVC. Many are highly carcinogenic in nature.
Clinical Testing

Environment: Casualty ICU

During the trial, 4 patients and 5 to 8 staff were present in the ICU. Both agar plates showed no growth after running Viroblitz for 24 hours.

Viroblitz Leco Technology Hepa Filter Technology
Pathogens are destroyed by oxidation.
Pathogens remain alive on the filter. Operation theatres routinely change HEPA filters after the surgery of a hepatitis patient.
Once inside the Viroblitz air steriliser, pathogens are destroyed within 0.16 seconds.
Small pressure increase due in the filter blower can generate tiny tears, causing the pathogens to flow through the filter.
Since the dust filter used in Viroblitz is 3 microns in size, the energy requirement is substantially lower.
Since a HEPA filter has 0.3 micron pores, the blower requires a higher power to move air through it.
Since the pathogens and the odour are removed, air conditioning costs are substantially reduced.
Since a HEPA filter can’t remove odour, it is recommended not to recycle the air from it. This increases air conditioning costs.
Special expertise is not needed for dust filter change.
A HEPA filter change should be done only by specialists. The filter needs to be changed at least every year. If the air quality is bad, the filter will have to be replaced twice or three times each year.
Initial investment is only a small fraction of a commerically available chemical sterilization and filtering unit.
A commerically available chemical sterilization and filtering unit has a high initial investment cost.
Destroys all airborne organic matter, including those below 0.3 microns.
Viruses smaller than 0.3 microns can pass through a HEPA filter with no resistance.
Clinical Testing

Environment: Gastro ICU

During the trial, 4 patients and 5 staff members were present in the ICU. This Gastro ICU was using exhaust fans to manage the bad odour in the room. After 3 hours of using Viroblitz, a substantial reduction in microbe count and odour was noticed. After 24 hours, the typical odour of Gastro ICU was not detectable.